With the pharmaceutical industry committed to full disclosure of financial payments internationally, we launch EUParmatransparency.com with the vision of EFPIA President Christopher A. Viehbacher, CEO of Sanofi –Aventis, who is championing this effort.

1. Why is Sanofi making this commitment to transparency?

As a global company operating in over 100 countries and developing and commercialising treatments that prevent and manage disease, we have always understood the huge responsibility of working in health, the most precious thing to mankind.

Our priority has always been to conduct our business in compliance with strong ethical principles and the strictest integrity. We believe that transparency is both a guarantee of credibility and confidence for Sanofi. This belief, that transparency plays such an important role in developing trust-based relationships with the public and more importantly our patients, has meant that we have adopted a progressive stance to transparency over the years, often going beyond the requirements implemented by both EFPIA and government stakeholders.

We work with physicians and clinicians in a variety of ways. For example, to have a deeper understanding of recent advances in science and in the management of diseases in which we conduct research. We also conduct specific research with them to answer scientific issues dealing with medicines, to design and conduct clinical trials and cutting-edge innovative approaches. We also work with them to ensure they understand our offerings and have the right information to use our products appropriately in the right patient all along the commercialization period of our products

2. How it will be implemented in practice across the very varied markets that Sanofi serves?

We have implemented a company-wide, global initiative to ensure all employees understand the requirements we must uphold in each country and the importance of meeting these standards, which will result in a stronger, relationship with all our stakeholders.

A communications and training programme has been rolled out that is tailored to each country but also gives the global perspective notably in cross-border interactions. For example, we need to capture all interactions with US healthcare professionals, including those outside of the US territory.

3. What it will mean for your stakeholders?

Our transparency Initiative covers three main areas. Firstly, our financial and non-financial relationships with healthcare professionals and their associations as well as health care organizations. We do the same for our relationships with patient organizations

The publication of our support to patient organizations is done annually and posted on our website covering European countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan and the United States. This publication includes a description of our interactions and our financial and non-financial support.

Transparency in relation to patient associations is mainly governed by codes of conduct, including that of EFPIA (Europe), but also for example in Australia, Canada and more recently in Japan. We have been doing this in Europe since 2008.


Christopher A. Viebacher is Chief Executive Officer of Sanofi and is a Board member, in addition to being a member of the Strategy Committee. He is also Chairman of Genzyme, which Sanofi acquired in February 2011 and president of EFPIA.