INFARMA, the Polish association for the innovative pharmaceutical industry, is pleased to announce that a joint position regarding conflict of interest has been adopted by the Regional Chamber of Physicians in Warsaw and INFARMA . The document states that cooperation between innovative pharmaceutical companies and the medical environment is a natural element of the healthcare system – however this entails a conflict of interest that must be treated transparently.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.07.11 PMOn 18 February, together with the Regional Chamber of Physicians, INFARMA organised the debate Transparency of Cooperation between the Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical Industry. The debate was a great success and helped draw attention to the topic of transparency and conflicts of interest. As a result, INFARMA and the Regional Chamber of Physicians have adopted a joint position reflecting their strong commitment to the transparent and ethical standards of collaboration.

Read the full statement: Physicians and the pharmaceutical industry on the conflict of interests.